Black Maine Coon Cat | Everything you need to know about them!

Graceful Black Maine Coon Cat with Enigmatic Charm
Meet the Stunning Black Maine Coon Cat – A Majestic Feline of Elegance

Black Maine Coon Cats are one of the oldest breeds of American domestic cats. And they come in a full range of colors. Within around 74 colorings, black remains one of the most popular colors and is one of the world’s most expensive cat breeds. However, there are a few different types of Black Maine Coons, if you go further of the coloring. Keep reading, and you will find more about this beautiful cat breed.

Where Did Black Maine Coons Come From?

Black Maine Coon Cats are known as a mysterious breed with an unrevealed heritage. Some say it a crossbreed with bobcats, but no one really knows that. Many tales are associating with the Maine Coon cats. Most believe that they are wild cats mixed with domestic cats.

In the 1700s, they were known to be pets of Captain Coons. He was docked around Maine City with forests and a rocky coastline. His cats, known as Norwegian Forest cats, mixed with the local short-haired domestic cats’ bloodline. They eventually became the world’s largest cat breed as Maine Coon cats.

The Maine Coons have gained considerable attention across their lives. They started turning up in remote northern regions shortly after arriving in the United States. That is where they have been perfectly content as indoor or outdoor cats. A brown Maine Coon “Cosey” is the first official winner of a cat contest in 1895 in Madison Square Garden.

When other long-haired cats surpassed them in popularity, the Maine Coon’s popularity decreased in the 1900s. For a while, this was a time that the Maine Coons were hard to find. Fortunately, in breeding them, the Central Maine Cat Club spent wisely. By the 1980s, Maine Coons increased in popularity, being the third most popular domestic cat in the United States.

What are the main types of Black Maine Coon Cats?

Black Maine Coon Cats has several variations of their coat. For the Maine Coon breed, the Cat Fancier’s Association has identified over 75 colors. Therefore it is always good to know about the types of cat if you are going to get a new one home.

1. Solid Black Maine Coon

Solid black cats are rare to find, and it has a coal-black coat and yellow eyes more often. Unlike other black Maine coons, they have a full coat with black fur, not a single miscoloration in the entire body. So it is easy to identify the kittens if you are getting from a breeder. Since they are rare, the Solid Black Maine Coon prices are really high in the market. As I shared earlier, getting your hands on a solid Black Maine Coon cat will cost as much as $2500.

2. Black Smoke Maine Coons

Smoke black cats are the most common variation of black Maine coons. They also have black fur everywhere but have a slightly light undercoat. As the fur roots are white, there are some more delicate areas with grey fur as well. However, some Black Smoke Maine coons get a beautiful tabby effect due to the miscoloration. If the kittens stay still, undercover is not visible; the cat is solid black. Let them move, and they get the smoke effects. Then you can quickly identify the kittens apart from solid black kittens.

3. Bi-colored Black Maine Coons

Sometimes the black main coons have mixed color fur with white fur on the belly and paws. Some may look like wearing a black jacket with a white shirt. Those are Tuxedo Maine Coons, which are common in the US.

4. Black Silver Maine Coons

According to some breeders and cat associations, the black silver coat is not a purebred color. But they have a gorgeous long coat with silver fur under the chin and the belly as well. Due to the less demand, breeders are not investing in this color, so it is somewhat rare to find a Black Silver Maine Coon in the market.

5. Black Tabby Maine Coons

Maine Coon, the black-tabby, is often refers to as a brown tabby. This is a typical color and pattern of the coat. The most popular patterns are tabby American shorthairs, with stripes anywhere between the head to the tail.

Tabby cats also have different coloring; some may get red fur in between the stripes. Those are known as Black Tortoiseshell or Tortie Maine Coons with varying shades of red.

How Big Can Black Maine Coons Get?

In general, male Maine Coons weigh anywhere from 11-18 pounds, while females weigh 8-12 pounds. Females grow a little less prominent; this applies to all colors of the cat breed. However, there are many records of Maine Coons, being even more decadent than the normal weight. They start reaching an average length of 3.3 ft., both long and also tall and strong.

Unlike most other cats’ breeds, their growth rate is low until they are around three years old. They do not achieve their full size and weight. Black Maine Coons are a relatively new breed of a domestic cat. Many unique features of this breed have been established as techniques for survival. Over time, their massive size and appearance have evolved to combat freezing climates.

Their black ears are well-tufted to provide protection, and their bushy dark tails can be wrapped around their body to conserve heat. Evolutionary Maine Coons have huge paws. That is supposed to be an adaptation in Europe and later in Maine to snowy habitats, serving as a snow shield.

Their fur is also very thick and has three different lengths of growth. For warmth, this fur is sufficient but not rich in texture, ensuring that cat grooming would not be as challenging for several other long-haired breeds. Maine Coon cats are famous for their oily hair, so bear that in mind when finding grooming options.

Can Maine Coons Be All Black genetically?

Male cats receive the color from their mothers, while females receive the colors of each parent. For this reason, two solid black parents are the best option for breeders to build a litter of black Maine Coons. Since the Black Maine Coon kittens are rare, it has a good market as well.

However, mostly the litter has male kittens, fewer females. The rarity of having a real Black Maine Coon can be explained by this genetic paradox.

Do they need special care as pets?

Some of the needs of black Maine coons are very similar to any other long-haired breed. But there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind if you are a Black Maine Coon parent.


Black Maine Coon cats are large even as kittens by the evolution. So you need to know how to give food to your cat, avoiding getting into obesity. Since they don’t grow fast and not showing full size until they are about three years old, it’s challenging to control the weight.

Like any other breed, they need to feed high proteins with a portion control according to their age. Some experts advise providing them three or four times a day. Keeping a plate full of cat food all the time in a corner will not work with them. As the Maine Coon cats are known as forever hungry cats, you may have to train them for a feeding schedule to avoid free feeding.

As additional supplements vary from each cat, you need to consult a veterinarian to give vitamins or other supplements.

Haircare and Grooming

As the Maine coons have a long thick coat, many people think it is hard to groom. As I mentioned earlier, it looks thick but not very rich in texture. So it is not hard to groom, but you need to brush them daily to keep them perfect. But you may have to give special attention to your Black Maine Coon during the summer. Also, unfortunately, Maine Coons’hair is prone to matting. So regular brushing and drying are essential to maintain the long coat during the year’s damp months.

A metal comb with broad teeth will work just fine if you brush your cat every day. A brush made especially for long-haired cats, with a pin side and a side with bristles can also be recommended.

What is the fur getting brown all of a sudden?

One of the main problems they get is sunburn on the fur. Due to a lot of melanin in their skin, it turns brown when you keep them outside for long hours. So you’ll need to make sure that your Black Maine Coon is not getting into any harsh environment under the sun.

Other than that, there is another reason for them to get brownish hair when they get older. As I mentioned earlier, black Maine Coons have a high level of meaning in the body to get the coal-black coat. For some cats, they face a deficiency of melanin when they get older. The main enzyme for melanin is known as “tyrosine,” and several food brands have the best answer for this deficiency. If you know notice slightly discolored fur, you need to give them a balanced diet that includes “Taurine.” As most food brands have this, so you can consult your vet and find what’s best for your cat.

What else?

Cleaning the cats’ nails and ears are also a big part of Maine Coon grooming. As they have very prominent ears, it is quickly filling with dirt. And you may need to clean it at least once a week. You can easily clean the ear’s outer area and visible parts with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. Inserting anything into ears is dangerous and may end up hurting the eardrums.

As I mentioned earlier, they have big paws with healthy nails. Using a proper nail clipper will always save you Black Maine Coon from getting upset over a bit of grooming. And also, gingivae (inflammation of gums) is familiar with the same as other cat breeds. It will help fend off potential tooth trouble by brushing your Black Maine Coon teeth once a week.

Do they need to have regular exercise?

If they are getting a balanced diet and are really active, they don’t need regular exercise. As Maine Coons have a careful weight balance between understandings, they must obtain sufficient exercise through play. So it’s essential to set aside time to show your Black Maine Coon that you love it, as with any cat. Playing with a feather or string toy fulfills the need for exercise.

Medical care

For routine checkups, take your pet to the vet, and keep up to date with their vaccines. If your cat goes outdoors, this is especially important. If your cat goes out, this is especially important. Vestibular disorder, which can cause sloppiness and loss of balance, is because of their wide ears, which are more vulnerable to pathogens entering and emptying their balance. They vomit and trouble walking or resistant to jumping and playing when they get sick.

If you note any of the signs or other abnormal behavior listed above in your black Maine Coon, you need to hurry. Make an appointment as soon as possible with your veterinarian. And even they have no symptoms, monthly vet visits are suitable for your cat.

If they were given good care with a balanced diet, Black Maine Coons lives up to 10 years. And there are some records for the cats with a life span of 18 from the past.

Are main coons getting along with Kids?

Okay, this is a general question everyone raising before getting a cat from a large breed. These cats can get huge, and many people are mistaken for being rude by their large size. But there is a reason to call them gentle giants. Though their black, lustrous fur and penetrating eyes may seem strange black Maine Coons, they are great companions.

Black Maine Coons are incredibly smart, making them easy to train and getting their humans to scoop up signals. This is a significant reason why, for children, they make perfect pets. It’s unlikely that the arrival of a new family member or children who want to play with them would put your gentle giant away.

Black Maine Coons are incredibly loyal to their owners and are likely to follow you around the house. That’s how they look for attention and cuddles. Although this might not always be easy, it is a sign that you are loved by your cat. You can get some pet toys and keep a few scratchboards for around the corners. They need to sharpen those strong nails more often, even they don’t hunt anymore.

Where can I find a Black Maine coon?

Since black Maine coons are rare, it’s always good to go for a registered breeder. For a purebred Maine Coon, a breeder may charge anywhere from $400 to $2200. If you are a US resident, you can find the official list of licensed and respectable breeders from the “Cat Fanciers Association.” The prices could vary due to the location and the demand in the area. Reading a few reviews about the breeder is the right way of knowing what you will get from them. Especially if you are for a Solid Black Maine Coon, you need to visit the breeder and see both parents.

And in most of the areas, there are Cat parent groups on Facebook, where they introduce kittens through breeders. While dealing with cat breeders online, always watch on the cautious side. And never allow any online payments upon seeing the listed kitten physically. Particularly if the seller wants you to make a payment outside your country of residence.

Can I get a Black Main Coon from a shelter?

Suppose you specifically want to have a black Maine Coon, but can’t afford one. In that case, you might be lucky to register an interest in cat shelters and rescue centers. However, you may have to visit the shelters not in a day very close to Halloween. Most shelters don’t let anyone adopt Black Maine Coons right before Halloween, as people may dump the cat after Halloween. Well, in some countries, they believe the Black Maine coons are bringing bad luck. It’s not just this breed, any black cat in some countries. So some may use the black cats for Halloween as witches’ pets.

However, Japanese and British believe black is a lucky color. So the Black Maine coons are a lucky breed in these cultures. Also, the wives in Asian fisherman communities believe that their husbands are safe at the sea if they have a black cat at home.


Put aside the myths, the Black Maine coons are among the most beautiful cats in the world. And they are defiantly not a bit of bad luck. Their elegant looks and commanding height are combined with all of the Maine Coon breed’s caring and loyal qualities. And they can be such a great companion for your family to cuddle.

black maine coon cat
black maine coon mix cat


01. Are Black Maine Coon cats a distinct breed?

Yes, Black Maine Coon cats are a unique breed known for their elegant appearance.

02. What makes their fur black?

The black fur in Maine Coon cats is a result of specific genetic factors.

03. How do I groom a black Maine Coon cat?

Regular brushing helps maintain their glossy black coat and prevent matting.

04. Are they good with children and other pets?

Yes, Black Maine Coon cats are usually friendly and get along well with kids and other pets.

05. What health issues are common in this breed?

Hip dysplasia, dental problems, and heart issues are common concerns in Black Maine Coon cats.

06. How do I find a reputable breeder or adoption center?

Research online, read reviews, and visit in person to find a reliable source.

07. What kind of toys do they enjoy?

They enjoy interactive toys like feather wands and puzzle toys that engage their intelligence.

08. Do black Maine Coon cats require special care?

Regular grooming and dental care are important for their well-being.

09. Can they be trained to perform tricks?

Yes, with patience and positive reinforcement, Black Maine Coon cats can learn tricks.

10. What’s the average lifespan of a black Maine Coon cat?

The average lifespan of a Black Maine Coon cat is around 12 to 15 years, but with proper care, they can live longer.

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