Does Your Cat Shake Its Head Continuously? Complete Guide for cat head shaking like Parkinson’s

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Although they are affectionate, your pets are living beings that get several threats in day to day life. When it comes to diseases, they are sort of threats. If you don’t identify those matters quite accurately, that will be a life threat for your adorable little ones. Also, it is important to identify the symptoms first of all. If the diagnosis goes wrong, that will be a thing you might have to worry about for the rest of the life. For example, cat head shaking like Parkinson’s is a condition that can be caused due to several reasons. A parasite, infection, tumor, or even a simple scratch can create such a disease. In this article, you will read the exact reasons why a cat shakes its head like Parkinson’s.

It Can Be Parkinson’s

Although it is Parkinson’s disease or not, you should be able to identify the symptoms correctly to go for other options. If your pet pal is shaking its head continuously, that can be a vital sign of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore if your cat shows continuous symptoms like tremors, fatigue, difficulty to move, confusion, or memory loss, you must take it to a doctor. Parasite Issues

Having parasites inside the ear is one of the most common reasons for cat head shaking like Parkinson’s. They try to get rid of the parasite by shaking the head continuously.

Small insects, ticks, spiders, and small bugs get inside the pet’s ear and create trouble. Although it is not much of your pet’s concern, it will get hurt in the secondary infection. The growth of fungus will create so much pain for your dear friend. If you see some powdery looking substances or smell an unpleasant odor, that will be a cause due to a parasite. Also, you should not remove visible parasites as it can cause wounds. Taking your pet to a veterinary sergeant is the best thing you can do.

Insulinoma To Pancreatic Tumor

As you know cats are more playful than other pets in the home. When it comes to cats who are overactive such as Orange Maine Coon cats, there is a possibility to get a condition called Insulinoma. The high production of insulin in the body leads to this condition. If this condition is left untreated, the cat will get more suffer than usual. The next step for your kitten will be Pancreatic tumor which can then become a fatal condition. If the cat’s head shaking like Parkinson’s keeps increasing, you will have to take it to a veterinary sergeant ASAP.

Bite Of An Insect

Cats like to play with you as much as you can. When you are not around your pet, it loves doing things alone. There can be mud, dirt, or wet surfaces where insects live. It is so possible to happen an insect bite. The continuous cat head shaking like Parkinson’s can be due to a snake bite. Although it is not deadly, you will need to take a look at that as it can create wounds with continuous shaking. Also, it is vital to make sure it is not a snake bite but an insect bite as well.

An Allergy?

Cats are food-loving pets than any other living being in the world. Although the bunnies are slight ahead, they are not having too many variations in the food plate as cats do. Due to this bad habit, cats have to face several allergenic conditions. As a reaction to the irritation or the anger, cats are used to shake their heads continuously. Maybe it is due to a food allergy the cat is shaking its head. The best way to understand the symptom is that this one doesn’t stay too long.  Therefore you have to be attended to the cat’s head shaking like Parkinson’s to verify if it is due to a food allergy.  Otherwise taking it to a veterinary sergeant will be a waste of time for the three of you.

An Oral Issue?

One of the most common reasons for cat head shaking like Parkinson’s is due to oral issues. Since there is continuous pain in the mouth or difficulty to take anything out of the mouth cats shake its head. It is so common to occur one oral issue after one because of infections. Although these things don’t lead to severe conditions, you will have to take care of the cat’s oral health condition properly. 


Although Parkinson’s disease is incurable, you will be able to get some relief for your feline buddy. When it comes to the mostly expressing disease, the weakening of hind legs, struggle to stand up, or sudden falls will mean you to have a closer look at the cat. Although other causes are not as deadly as Parkinson’s disease, you will have to stay with the pet until it feels better and normal in the end.


Q1: Could my cat’s head shaking indicate Parkinson’s disease?

A1: While possible, accurately identifying symptoms is crucial. Continuous head shaking, along with tremors, fatigue, and difficulty moving, might signal Parkinson’s. Consult a vet for proper diagnosis.

Q2: What are the common causes of cat head shaking like Parkinson’s?

A2: Various factors include ear parasites, like ticks and insects, insulinoma, insect bites, allergies, and oral issues. Each requires specific attention and care.

Q3: How do ear parasites contribute to head shaking in cats?

A3: Parasites like ticks and insects in the ear can trigger constant head shaking. Avoid removing visible parasites yourself to prevent wounds. Seek a vet’s help for proper treatment.

Q4: Can insulinoma lead to cat head shaking resembling Parkinson’s?

A4: Yes, excessive insulin production, as in insulinoma, can cause head shaking. If left untreated, it might progress to pancreatic tumors. Swift veterinary care is necessary for your cat’s well-being.

Q5: Could allergies be the reason for my cat’s head shaking?

A5: Yes, allergies, particularly food-related, can lead to continuous head shaking. If the symptom is short-lived, a food allergy might be the cause. Consult a vet for a precise diagnosis and suitable remedies.

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