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Orange Maine Coon
Orange Maine Coon cat

In the colorful cat world, Orange Maine Coons are a popular breed with a majestic look. In general, there are around 740 colorings for Maine Coon cats, and Solid Orange is a rare color. However, these gigantic Ginger cats are not registered as Orange Maine Coons! They are known for Red Maine Coons, which are more likely to have brick-red fur.

Since it is a rare color, there is a high demand for these cats with Orange fur. So if you are going to buy a new Orange Maine Coon as your pet, this article will teach you everything about them.

What is the average size for an Orange Maine Coon?

As you may aware, Maine Coons are one of the largest cats on the earth. With their mysterious lineage, they have genes of wild cats. So over the year, they have been adapted to be indoor cats and still got a few characteristics of their ancestors.

They have more enormous paws, and in general, they are very tall cats. When choosing whether you would prefer the male or female Maine Coon, bear in mind that the breed’s male always grows much more extensive than its female partners. In reality, you can expect your male Coon to weigh 15-25 lbs once he’s fully grown! But on the other hand, the female weights a range of 8-12 lbs.

But they don’t grow fast; unlike other cats, they reach their maximum growth after at least three years only. So make sure that you don’t overfeed the cats expecting a high growth rate. For Maine Coons, having obesity is a common health issue as the owners keep feeding a lot to get those huge cats fast!

Do they have different Characteristics?

Well, no one will know that their Orange Maine coon got superpowers! Despite the color, all Maine Coons are very gentle and affectionate than other cat breeds.

If you have selected the purebred orange Maine Coon, you must find it to display these specific traits.

They are overly gentle. Maine Coons are madly affectionate with their owners. Often they can’t help, but they force their love on you, even if you don’t want it!! This gentleness is a very tender trait of the Maine Coon breed. They are good with other house pets and kids. Due to their more dog-like behavior, they will love to follow you everywhere.

In the lineage, they got some excellent hunting skills; seem to be remaining with them. So they are good hunters, don’t get mad if you get crazy presents like dead animals on your doorstep. Your Orange Maine coon wants to show some love to you by doing that.

And not to forget the fact, they love water! They can stay out during the rains, and some may even jump into your pool if they got one at home. But don’t worry, they are not drowning; they are good swimmers.

Orange maine coon 2

What are the Main Color classes of the Red Maine Coons?

Well, for Red Maine Coons, there are four color classes. The Cat Fanciers’ Association categorizes these. So let’s see what the color classes and the characteristics of each class are. Like any other color of Maine Coons, Red Maine Coons are also having the same major categories according to the color of fur.

Solid Color Class

The first category is Solid Color Class, which got all Red cats into one class. For these cats, the color of the coat should be bright Red with no markings. And paw pads and nose leather get the color of Brick-red, and it’s a sign of a purebred cat as well. If you have missed our article about identifying purebred Maine Coons, you can read it here.

Red Tabby Color Class

Next is Red Tabby Maine Coons, with different shades of Red. They usually have a coat of Ground Red, paler Red with markings of bright red color. The paw pads and nose leather are brick-red like the Solid color class, but they sometimes have a white trim on the chin and lips.

Red Tabby and White class

If the cat has white markings, it goes to the Red Tabby and White class, more like Red Tabby Maine Coons. They must have these white markings to be in this group, in four hands and their belly.

Bi-color class

What if your cat has Red and White mixed fur all over the body? They go to the Bi-color class. These cats got fur mixed in the body, but not in a pattern. However, they must have white fur in the legs even they don’t have white fur on the face.

What if My Cat has a different color pattern with Orange fur?

Other than the Red color classes, there can be Orange Maine Coon cats with more mixed color patterns. They are more likely to have hints of Orange than the super bright red color of the fur. Since there are many variations in the Orange color in the cats, The Cat Fanciers’ Association has a separate way of identifying them. Let’s see what criteria they have used for the categorization of the cats with hints of Orange.

The other color categorizations mainly focus on the fur color mixed with brown, silver, blue, or any different color. So let us jot down the color class names, and you can see what your cat is in those!

Tabby Cats

  • Brown Patched Tabby: These cats have brilliant coppery brown as the primary color with black markings with patches in red or shade of Red. For them, nose leather and paw pads are brown, the same as the color of fur. You can see the markings everywhere in the body, which makes them gorgeous cats.
  • Silver Patched Tabby – For Silver Patched Orange Maine Coon cats, the color is pale silver. The outer coat is prominent silver. Same as the above color class, they have black markings, but with cream color as well. The nose leather and paw pads are somewhat similar to brown patched tabbies, and some may get pink paw pads.
  • Cameo Tabby – Cameo Tabby’s are many Orange Maine Coon cats with different color markings. The Inner coat can be off white or brown, with markings that are red or black. They also have pink noses and paw pads.

Parti-Colour Colour Class

  • Tortoiseshell – If your cat has a black coat with red patches on anywhere of the body or even a shaded of Red appear in the body that is a Tortoiseshell Maine Coon.
  • Calico – Calico cats are usually white with un-barred patches of black and Red. However, their under parts must be white with no markings. There are also some fascinating facts about the gender of calico cats. They’re almost always female. In the meantime, the males are mostly sterile. So, if you have a male, there is no chance of breeding the same-patterned cats.

Shaded & Smoke Color Class

  • Shell Cameo – This color class is rare to find. They are known as the red chinchilla of the Maine Coon Cat family. These cats have a very sparkling appearance with a red-tipped coat with white fur as the inner coat. You can see this red-tipped fur on the back, head, flanks, and tail as well. Sometimes the face and legs also have red fur, but the undercoat is entirely white.
  • Shaded Cameo (red shaded) – These cats got a different Red shade on fur’s tips, deeper shading in the face and legs. But the inner coat and under parts are always white, including the ear furnishings.
  • Cameo Smoke (red smoke) – Cameo Smoke cats got an apparent white undercoat, yet covered with Red overcoat. Since the red color is the only visible color when the cat stands still, white appears when they move. This red color is very bright, so the nose leather and paw pads are a bright pink color.
  • Tortie Smoke – Similar to Cameo Smoke cats, these cats got black tips of the fur. Sometimes you may notice little bright red patches, so the white undercoat is not visible. For this cat color class, they have a tortoiseshell pattern on the face and ears very often. But they have white ear tufts and a ruff, so you can quickly identify the color class of your Maine coon.

Tortoiseshell Maine Coons

  • Shell Tortoiseshell: These cats got red and black on the tips of the overcoat. The undercoat is always white, including the chin, ears, and stomach as well. Some cats may get a very light shading of black or Red around ruff, but the majority will be white. Their nose leather and paw pads are a bit different from other cats in the color class. So if you notice a patched nose and paws in your Orange Maine Coon, it is a purebred Shell Tortoiseshell cat.
  • Shaded Tortoiseshell: Do you have a cat with red and black shadings on the overcoat with a white undercoat? Then look at their nose leather and paw pads as well. If they got pink or black in the paw pads, this is the group your cats belong to.

Are you still confused about the color class of your cat? You can read about the classification from the Cat Fanciers’ Association website.

Orange Maine Coon

Do they need special care than other Maine Coons?

No, the Orange Maine Coon cats’ color does not determine the cat’s personality. But in general, most Maine Coons get genetic defects such as Hip Dysplasia. So when you buy a cat, you may have to find a certified and licensed breeder.

According to the vet’s advice, regular vet visits and feed are essential for the Maine Coons. They tend to have obesity very quickly.

Why Orange Maine Coons are so expensive?

If you are looking for a purebred Orange Maine Coon, it will cost somewhere $2000 – $3000. If you wonder why they are that expensive, they have not been spurred or neutered. They also get necessary tests for genetic defects, common to the Maine Coon breed.

Since the color is coming from both parents, there are some specific patterns where you can’t have male kittens. And also, the coloring is all down to the breeding. Many breeders will choose to breed ‘some colors’ and will become recognized as respectable breeders for that particular color of Maine Coon.

So if you are looking for a purebred Orange Maine Coon, always make sure to receive advice from breeders instead of merely buying a cat from someone. Reliable and trusted breeders will still encourage you to see the kittens with their mom and will be able to trace the family line of the cat.

Where to Find ‘Cheaper’ Orange Maine Coons?

Well, if you don’t want to break the bank for a cat, you can find a cat from a shelter or a rescue center. Most of the time, there are abandoned Maine Coon cats in shelters as some decide to give away the cats due to high maintenance. If you are a committed cat parent and willing to give space for a cat from a shelter, register with them for an Orange Maine Coon. You never know if there is a chance for you to find one in a shelter.

And also, if you are not really after a purebred Orange Maine coon, you can find a wonderful mixed cat with the same personality. Despite the lineage, they can be the best family pets for you.


The Orange Maine Coon Cats are one of the most elegant types of the Maine Coon cat breed. Their patterns make them look stunning, and if they’re seen with freckles on their forehead, they’re even cuter. Suppose you would like to adopt the Orange Maine Coon Cat. In that case, you should verify the gender of your feline companion because the color of the orange gene is prevalent in male cats.


Q1. Are Orange Maine Coons a rare color?

A1: Yes, Solid Orange Maine Coons are rare; they are often referred to as Red Maine Coons due to their brick-red fur.

Q2: How big do Orange Maine Coons get?

A2: Orange Maine Coons are among the largest cat breeds, with males reaching 15-25 lbs and females averaging 8-12 lbs.

Q3: What are the typical traits of Orange Maine Coons?

A3: They are gentle, affectionate, good with other pets and kids, possess strong hunting skills, and love water.

Q4: What color classes are there for Red Maine Coons?

A4: Red Maine Coons have four color classes: Solid, Red Tabby, Red Tabby and White, and Bi-color.

Q5: How are Orange Maine Coons categorized with mixed colors?

A5: Orange Maine Coons with mixed colors have various classifications like Tabby Cats, Parti-Colour, and Shaded & Smoke Color classes.

Q6: Do Orange Maine Coons require special care?

A6: They don’t need specific care based on color, but regular vet visits and proper feeding are crucial for all Maine Coons.

Q7: Why are Orange Maine Coons expensive?

A7: Purebred Orange Maine Coons are costly due to genetic testing, color patterns, and specific breeding efforts.

Q8: Can I find more affordable Orange Maine Coons?

A8: Yes, adopting from shelters or rescue centers is a great option. Mixed-breed cats also make wonderful companions.

Q9: Are Orange Maine Coons good family pets?

A9: Absolutely, their gentle nature, affection, and compatibility with other pets and children make them excellent family companions.

Q10: Are Orange Maine Coons more common in males?

A10: Yes, the orange gene is prevalent in male cats, making them more likely to have the orange fur color.

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