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Maine Coon Red
Maine Coon Red | Ginger Maine coon

There is just one recognition for the cats known as Maine coon reds, the Ginger Maine Coon. Although people call them several names like marmalade, red, or orange, they have only one scientific identification. Although the navigation on the color of cat lovers don’t stand the same, it is possible to find a whole group of people known as Ginger Maine Coon Lovers. The attractive red color or the orange faded appearance brings a standing out for sure. Since their Maine feature brings the appearance of a lion, it is realistic to have red or orange color for Maine coon reds.

What Does Red Maine Coon Mean?

Although Maine coon red is one of the most popular breed names for cats, the cats association nor the cat fancier association involves the meaning. It can only be considered as a thing introduced by the cat owners. When it comes to the Ginger Maine Coon, either the red color or the orange color can be considered as the colors responsible for calling Ginger Maine Coon. It is important to note that some people are used to name red for things in orange color.

Are They The Born Maine Coons?

Indeed, not. It is important to remember that Orange is a color that has been painted on the coat of kittens. Even though it is not a solid color, orange or the Maine coon reds are typical cats similar to smoke Maine coons or any other cat breed in the world. When it comes to their natural behavior, red main coon cats don’t have different behaviors or specific things that other cats don’t have. Although the Maine Coon Breed has got so many positive features such as playfulness, improved intelligence, loyalty, and faithfulness, Maine coon red or orange Maine coon cats don’t have specific features that differed from the breed.

Maine coon reds come in many ways. It can be a stripe,  stain, dot, or even a drop.  Whatever the design they choose, they have to be addressed as a Maine coon red for sure.

Red tabby or white tabby is also some kind of slight variations available for these cats.  The typical or the traditional tabby has red stripes on the coat.

Special Features

Gingers don’t have specific physical features nor qualities other than being a Maine coon red or a ginger Maine coon. When it comes to its utmost available feature, the red color, it is available in many ways. One of the most stunning features is to have copper eyes. It can either be golden or solid red color eyes. Also, the paws and the linings along the coat is such an adorable feature with the Maine coon reds.  Even though the born kittens don’t bear the features or color markings on the coating, they will appear and start glowing soon as they grow.

The main thing that produces the color in the human skin is melanin of human skin. So, are the cats having these things being responsible for their skin?  The melanin shade pheomelanin can produce red fur of the cat’s coating. The more there is the melanin shade pheomelanin in the cats’ skin, the more the cats will glow like lions. Also, when the cats grow older, the melanin shade pheomelanin starts to produce in high ratios. Eumelanin is the opposite of pheomelanin which assists the skin to produce black color in the coat. When there is pheomelanin on the skin of the Maine coon reds or the Maine coons, it prohibits the action of eumelanin. The ultimate result will be producing red fur on the coat.

The O genetic sequence has been identified as producing pheomelanin or orange fur finally on the skin. It is considered as one of the major dominant genes of a Maine coon cat. Since it is a fact, male Maine coon red cats can be seen in the world.

Aren’t There Female Maine Coon Cats?

Indeed not. The orange color is mostly being carried by the X gene of the female cats. As you know only females have the X gene in the chromosome. When there is a cat that has the O gene in the chromosome, it can produce a ginger Maine coon along with a female one who has the O factor.  Although O genetic sequence is a dominant factor for selecting the color, there are other things as well as genes in the sequence.  They can define the Maine coon as red female cats or orange Maine coon cats. Therefore female cats are available for purchasing or adopting. The thing it is important to note is that most of the Maine coon red cats are male ones. But, there can be female cats in a low ratio in density.


It is one of the most embracing you tuber from the Maine coon red family. It knows so many entertaining things to do. Also, Hobie held the title for The Best Cats In the World in 15th position. Its most favorite places are bathtubs and water for having great fun.

maine coon red

Why Does It Have To Be An Orange Maine Coon?

You will not be able to find any difference between the Orange Mine Coons and Ginger Maine Coons until having a closer look. Whatever the differences they contain in their shiny coat, they both are extremely gorgeous to the eyes. This article will let you know some impressive things about Orange Maine Coons.

Orange Maine coon cats are not always judged to be them mas most of the times their skin coat doesn’t contain appealing red color coat. Therefore it is very hard to judge it is to be an orange Maine coon. Although solid red main coons are very rare, they have become a major passion of the cat lovers or Maine coon specials.

How To Identify An Orange Maine Coon

These cats have become amazingly demandable in the last decade. There are many reasons for this fact. High intelligence, distinguish thicked fur, and the color of the Maines has been the particular reason for that. Also, they have got more than 75 different color selections as well. However, the original color is believed to be red for orange main coon cats. 

Color Classes

One of the criteria being used to identify an orange Maine coon is the color class. For purpose of multiple intentions, the color class of Orange Maine Coons is divided into different classes.  It is vital to note that there can be two or more colors in the coat. Even if it is a single dot of orange, the cat belongs to a color class. A few of the color classes used to identify an orange Maine coons are as bellows.  Brown Patched Tabby Color Class, Silver Patched Tabby Class, Parti-Color Color Class, Parti-Color and White Color Class, Shaded & Smoke Color Class, and Shaded & Smoke Color Class are a few of the classes.

maine coon red

Orange Maine Coon Characteristics

There are not any scientifically identified specific characters for orange and white maine coon cats. But, it is admittable that the cat owners and lovers have got vast experience about the orange Maine coons. According to them, they mention that there are specific characters that have been associated with orange Maine coons. If you buy an orange Maine coon, you will be able to check the following characters to be dominant in them. However, any test or survey has not been conducted to claim those characteristics. 


Although cats are naturally affectionate, it is a quality you cannot skip with orange and white maine coon. Since they have thick fur and amazing patches all over the body, you won’t be able to get away for sure. Since it is a thing that has associated mostly with appearance, it is a confirmed thing as well.


One of the most admirable things about cats is their loyalty. However, it may depend on the fact whether you are a cat person or a dog person. If you are a cat person, you know how much they are loyal to you. Cat owners claim that orange and white Maine coon

s are more loyal to their masters than other cat breeds.  Since they are born social cats, they won’t mind spending days with you all alone.


Nicknamed as gentle giants, Orange Maine Coons have got a reputed title that says they are to be gentler in actions. You know how hard it is to avoid their touch. But, orange Maine coon cats have a special touch like always. Their affection won’t harm you at all.

Even for dog persons

One of the reasons why there are two types of people, cat people, and dog people are the difficulty to handle cats and dogs together. When that fact comes into Orange Maine coons, they won’t mind sharing resources along with your love with another pet. Even if it is a dog, they will stay together.


Maine Coons are always playful. When it comes to Orange Maine coons the owners state they are more aggressively playful with the owner. If you are a playful person too, your pet will have to be an orange Maine coon for sure.


It is a known thing that cats are more intelligent than other home pets. But, comparatively, Maine Coons are extremely intelligent. Even the commands are memorable to them. For example, drop or not will be a few words they can remember forever. Among all of the main conns, the orange and white maine coon breed is famous for being more intelligent.

Water Loving Creatures

After a few bathing sessions, cats usually don’t resist water. When it comes to Orange Maine Coons, they don’t need lessons ever. If you want them to be in the bathtub for hours, they will not mind it. Since they are born swimmers, you will not have to take care of swimming and other practices.

Final Thoughts

There are main two things about Orange Maine coons cats. The first one is they are such a Maine coon breed and the second one is that they are adaptable to any home condition. You cannot expect much things from them by considering the above mentioned characters. All you have to do is to observe them and identifying the specific characters.


Q1: What does “Maine Coon Red” refer to?

A1: “Maine Coon Red” typically refers to ginger Maine Coon cats, recognized for their attractive red or orange fur.

Q2: Are Maine Coon Reds born with red coats?

A2: No, the red or orange color is a coat variation that appears as kittens grow. It’s not an inherent feature in newborns.

Q3: Do Maine Coon Reds have unique behaviors?

A3: Maine Coon Reds don’t exhibit distinct behaviors solely based on their color. They share behaviors common to the Maine Coon breed.

Q4: How is the red color produced in Maine Coon Reds?

A4: The red color comes from pheomelanin, a shade of melanin, present in the cats’ skin. It’s a product of genetic factors.

Q5: Can female cats be Maine Coon Reds?

A5: Yes, female cats can have the orange or red coloration, but it’s rarer compared to males due to genetic factors.

Q6: Are there different color classes for Maine Coon Reds?

A6: Yes, Maine Coon Reds have various color classes, including Brown Patched Tabby, Silver Patched Tabby, Parti-Color, and Shaded & Smoke classes.

Q7: What are some special features of Maine Coon Reds?

A7: Maine Coon Reds may have copper eyes, distinctive paw and coat linings, and various patterns like stripes, stains, dots, or drops.

Q8: Are Maine Coon Reds affectionate?

A8: Yes, Maine Coon Reds are known for being affectionate and often display loyalty, softness, and playfulness towards their owners.

Q9: Do Maine Coon Reds like water?

A9: Yes, Maine Coon Reds generally enjoy water and may be more inclined to participate in water-related activities.

Q10: Are Maine Coon Reds adaptable pets?

A10: Yes, Maine Coon Reds are adaptable to different home conditions and share the general characteristics of the Maine Coon breed.

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